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NOTICIAS, Septiembre, 2002

IHG Develops Didactic Material
11th CE Economics Course Graduates
Anticorruption,Privatization of Water, Death by Hunger...

IHG Develops Didactic Materials to Accelerate Education Campaign
Managua, September 16, 2002 -- The IHG is developing a new generation of teaching material including visual aids for its popular Comprender La Economía course offered to the Nicaraguan public. The purpose is to make the course material more understandable and meaningful, as well as simpler to teach. So far 20 new visuals have been produced for use in the study guide and as macro visuals. The CE study guide has been completely re-edited to replace excess verbage with the new materials. Both the macro visuals and the new study guide were used in the 11th CE course with great success. By the end of the year, another 10 to 15 visuals will be incorporated into the CE course. There is also a new teacher's guide which is a big step forward for enabling new teachers to participate in facilitating the CE course. With these new tools, the IHG hopes to be able to spin off additional CE courses for other parts of the country where demands has been expressed (León and Atlantica Coast), and to design a hard hitting 4 or 8 hour workshop which can go anywhere in the country on short notice.

IHG Director next to some of the new visuals used in the 11th CE course in August 2002.

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11th CE Economics Course Graduates
Managua, September 16, 2002 -- The Instituto Henry George's 11th intensive "Comprender la Economía" Political Economy class of 81 students certified 46 graduates on September 4th. Of the 18 "Superior" level graduates of the August course, 6 arrived to the follow-up volunteer teacher training course participation meeting. The 12th CE course is scheduled for September 30th. Click here for complete "Comprender La Economía" Course Statistics 2000-2002.

August 2002 CE Course Graduates.


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Anticorruption, Privatization of Water, Death by Hunger...
Managua, September 16, 2002 -- The Nicaraguan Government is undergoing a "War on Corrruption" in which they have zeroed in on the former President (now President of the National Legislative Assembly) and his close associates as the national scapegoats for the poverty of the country. Of course they ARE guilty of robbing millions of dollars of public funds, but that is just a drop in the bucket and only an after-effect of the macroeconomic system which allows for 1000 times more of publically created values to be legally channelled to private coffers. The World Bank and IMF policies of privatization of comunal sovereign rights to water and other natural resources, supported by a take-no-prisoners tax amplification plan, is on the Government's agenda as it's main "development strategy". Meanwhile, death counts of Nicaraguan children in the north of the country dying due to starvation are reported daily in the Nicaraguan newspapers. The IHG's tireless work has opened doorways to consideration of the Georgist remedy by increasing numbers of Nicaraguan politicians and economists, as well as by consumer and public interest groups. As time progresses and the country slips deeper into recession and misery, the IHG expects that its increasingly better presented message will be more readily accepted for consideration by serious national leaders looking for a viable alternative to national bankruptcy, institutionalized slavery, and social degeneration.

IHG Director explains the Georgist Remedy on TV show Temas y Debates with Luis Mora Sánchez.


The IHG participated in this anti-privatization conference urging participants to consider Georgist priniciples in order to be effective in their struggle for economic justice.


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