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NOTICIAS, Octubre 2006

33rd CE Economics Course Graduates Despite Difficulties
Electricity and Water Rationed as Nica Elections Near
IHG Progresses with NGO Status and Site Construction


33rd CE Economics Course Graduates Strong

The Instituto Henry George's 33rd intensive "Comprender la Economía" political economy course graduated 47 students on October 20th. The three week course was extended to a six week ordeal because of unpredictable power cut offs which have been plaguing all of Nicaragua since the middle of this year (the original commencement date was September 11th). The frequent interruptions left the class in total darkness four times, causing a week's postponement, three extra classes, and forcing the final exam to be taken on two separate nights. Despite the difficulties, the student body proved determined to finish, and 47 of the 67 original registered students finished the course. Maybe due to the extended time of the course and the an affect of the blackouts which emphasized for all the real need for the georgist reform, 100% of the students signed the IHG demonstrative petition expressing their support for a national study of the LVT solution in Nicaragua. The graduation ceremony's LVT skit (where free seating is denied participants because the seats have been "privatized" and now charge a "rent") was enhanced by providing "money" for the students to pay "rent", and a "bank" to lend "credit" to those who arrived late and hadn't enough once the prices had risen more than the "money" they received upon entering. The skit was not as successful as the simpler version in demonstrating the effect of speculation and the dramatic change of the application of the LVT to open all the seats to all. Many superior level graduates expressed there interest in attending the ongoing "Maestría" meetings which the IHG hopes to again be able to offer as soon as suitable office space is obtained. Click here for complete "Comprender La Economía" Course Statistics, 2000-2006.

CE XXXIII Course Graduates, October 20, 2006.

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Electricity and Water Rationed as Nicaraguan Elections Near

In Nicaragua, a country where the unprofitable privatization of public monopolies and the rental loss from large-scale exploitation of national resources via undervalued concessions seem to be governmental policies, individuals and communities have also been increasingly called upon to take on more and more of what would normally be considered the responsibilities of public administration. Due to the unpredictable and ever prevailing electricity and water rationing, families now store large quantities of water in barrels and tanks and regularly stock up on candles, batteries and hot-selling emergency lanterns. For those who can afford them, electrical generators can now be purchased at the supermarket, stocked alongside family pharmaceuticals and shower curtains. It seems that the privatized generating plants and the distribution system have been financially bled by their owners, leaving the industry lame and the industry reps lobbying for a government bailout. As the national elections near, the issue remains a central focal point with the major political parties impeding any solution which could possibly leave their opponents looking like the hero of the situation.


Now, with your eggs and milk, you can pick up your home generator at the grocery store.

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IHG Progresses with NGO Status and Site Construction

The Henry George Institute of New York is currently studying the possibility of making the IHG Managua a legally established Non-Governmental Non-Profit Organization affiliate which would allow the IHG to operate with much greater facility, effectiveness, and security in Nicaragua. Once the HGI of NY OK's the plan, it would only be matter of a couple of months before full NGO status would be in effect for the IHG. Meanwhile, the IHG continues to develop the land which was purchased for the purpose of erecting a multi-use facility which will allow for the development of a largely self-sustaining international Georgist educational and leadership training center. Currently, the land has been readied for construction, and the a building permit for the first phase of construction should be obtained by the end of this year.
Supporters who would like to to help speed the IHG's NGO or building projects along are encouraged to donate to the IHG.

The site for the building of the IHG facility, before...

... and now ready for construction.


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