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NOTICIAS, Julio 2012

CEIHG Graduates 46th Comprender La Economía Course
"Georgist Community Fund" Membership Dips and Surges
CEIHG Construction Nearing Completion (...No, really)



CEIHG Graduates 46th Comprender La Economía Course

The Centro Henry George graduated its 46th intensive "Comprender la Economía" (CE) political economy course on July 18th. This course, which began on June 18th, was the result of a second attempt to give the course this year. The first attempt in March only registered 14 students, not enough to justify the cost and effort of the course. The failure to attract the minimum goal of 30 students in March was partly due to a late start in publicity caused by delayed grant funding. In the past few years, enrollments have become more difficult in general, but moreso in the month of March. For perspective, since 2000 the CE course has attracted an average of 64 students per course. The highest enrollments were during the first years of the program, which began in 2000, with 108 students in August of 2001 being the all-time high; the lowest course enrollment was 26 students in March 2005. With normal budget and effort, the 46th course enrolled 28 students. Despite the low enrollment, 64% of the students graduated with a certificate, well above the 54% average since the CE course has been held in the new CEIHG location. 90% of the students who finished the course signed the the CEIHG's demonstrative petition supporting LVT in Nicaragua, and all seven of the superior-level graduates signed up as members of the CEIHG's Georgist Community Fund. The CEIHG hopes to facilitate a second CE course this year in September. . . Click for complete  >> "Comprender La Economía" 2000-2012 Course Statistics.

CE XLVI Course Graduates.   >>>  Related photos 


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"Georgist Community Fund" Membership Dips and Surges

The Georgist Community Fund (Fondo Comunitario Georgista en español), the international association of objectively qualified and self-professed georgists founded in mid-2011 and facilitated by the Henry George International Education Center, finished the month of July with 42 members. The GCF officially lost ten Nicaraguan members at the end of March when those ten failed to take the GCF qualifying exam to renew their memberships. (The GCF expects at least half of those ten to take their exam and requalify in the near future.) On the plus side, all seven superior-level graduates of the CEIHG's recent CE course signed up for membership in the GCF immediately upon receiving their certificates. That, plus a couple of new international members and a couple of other new Nicaraguan members added up to a gain of one for net 42 total members in July. This result came as an encouraging sign, considering that the CEIHG had only been able to dedicate a little time and energy to the promotion of the GCF during the first six months of this year. Another encouragement came from the second contribution of "net positive land rent" by an international member, bringing the current fund balance into the $400 range. At the end of the year, the major part of the GCF community fund will be distributed among "active" members to the degree that they may have fulfilled the simple participation requisites during the year. . . Click for complete  >> Georgist Community Fund info and statistics.

July GCF/FCG meeting in the CEIHG.


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CEIHG Facility Construction Nearing Completion

As of July, the CEIHG building is almost finished and ready to open doors to the public. Only the the front hospitality and café area is pending for completion, and is expected to be realized by September. Recent construction included the three interior rooms and offices on the second and third levels; the spiral staircase joining the front balcony to the café area; and two front gates to facilitate entry of vehicles and foot traffic.

The CEIHG expects to be operational by September 2012 to begin offering educational classes and seminars designed to attract Nicaraguan and international students interested in georgist economics, sustainable development, and inquiry into other "natural law" paradigms of individual and collective human progress. The Nicaragua Spanish Schools language and cultural immersion program, which shares the CEIHG facility, will help support CEIHG activities, as well as introduce international language students to the concepts of Henry George.

New stairs provide access from the reception area to the teaching salon.

The 3rd floor office/guest rooms of the CEIHG.


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