"Comprender La Economía" 2014

#55p afternoon class


CE course #55 volunteers read the GCF manifesto before going out to post flyers and posters.


CEIHG Director Martin appeared on various radio and TV programs to promote the CE #55 course.



CE teacher trainees Roberto, Eliezer, Cristian and Luis with Director Paul Martin



CE teacher trainees Eliezer, Luis and Roberto practiced their presentation.



CE course #55 afternoon class started with 58 students.



Director Martin participated more directly in the second half of the course.



Participation of the CE 55p afternoon class with questions.



CE volunteers correcting CE homework.



CE #55 extra credit study group...



... and another CE #55 extra credit study group.


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CE class #55p taking their final exam.



GCF member Henry told why he was a member at the CE 55p afternoon graduation ceremony.



CE #55p superior-level graduate Carlos Ezekiel is a law student.



CE #55p graduate Blanca receives her superior-level certificate.



CE #55p superior-level graduate Jennifer is a veterinarian.



CE #55p superior-level graduate Carlos Roberto, an industrial engineer,
 finished with the highest grade of the afternoon class.



CE #55p superior graduates Carlos Roberto scored the highest in the final exam.



CE vols Marvin, Elyi, Nubia, Victor, Angelica, Eliezer, Jennifer and
others contributed to the success of the CE 55p afternoon class.


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