"Comprender La Economía" XVIII, September 2003



Sign-in table with IHG volunteers Addy and Karen for September 2003 XVIII CE course.



IHG volunteer Cristian reads the IHG preamble, which is read before every IHG event.



Assitant teachers Jimmy and Donaldo refresh the students memory with the review of CE course argument.



Donaldo reviews the definitions of political economy with the September 2003 CE class.



September 2003 XVIII CE course students.



Almost 100% of CE students sign the CE peticion expressing their support for the Georgist remedy in Nicaragua.



IHG Director gives CE certificate to September 2003 XVIII CE graduate.



A lucky CE graduate receives the Georgist book, Tierra Devastada... as a prize.



September 2003 XVIII CE course volunteers, Don José, Addy, Karen, Donaldo, Jimmy & Danelia.


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