"Comprender La Economía" XX, November 2003



November 2003 CE XX course students.



Assitant teachers Jimmy explains political economy definitions to the CE XX class.



CE XX class students review the class collages of articles which support the Georgist analysis.



The CE graduation starts with students and guests shut out of the best seats which are "Private Property".
Later, access is opened up when the "owners" decide they would rather not pay to monopolize all that space!



IHG Director bestows a "land title" and Tierra Devastada... book during CE XX graduation raffle.



CE student receives his IHG Certificate of Competence in Political Economy.



November CE XX course students signing the IHG's demostrative petition for a study of IVT in Nicaragua.



Some of the volunteers who helped with the CE XX course and Managua CE workshop.


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