Projects and Activities 2014


Atlantic Coast Indigenous Common Property Land Project

Meetings with Dr. Cyril Omeir, General Secretary URACCAN University, to plan a conference for
Indigenous community leaders of the Atlantic Coast on the topic of how to conserve the indigenous
 right of common property of their lands while finding a peaceful solution to colonial incursion.
The conference is being planned for early November, pending funding solicited by the CEIHG.


Laguna de Tiscapa Development Project

Meeting with Managua Acaldía representatives over the CEIHG's proposal to develop the Laguna de  Tiscapa
using a Georgist land value finance plan in which the Alcaldía
would collect the land value from concession holders.
The project was put on hold in May due to the governing body declining to support
the CEIHG's proposal due to fears of seismic risk in the Laguna de Tiscapa area.


Natural Law Justice Forum Project

Preliminary forum, June 7th
On the topic of freedom and justice in Nicaragua.


2nd preliminary forum, June 14th
On the topic of freedom and justice in Nicaragua.

Ley 779 Forum, June 28th
On the topic of justice and equity in certain Nicaraguan laws which appear to promote gender bias.

Ley 779 Forum Recess, June 28th
The forum was a success with balanced participation in a fair and civil discussion.

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"Practical English" Classes

International volunteer Allen Smith facilitated three practical English classes for GCF members in July.


Media Activities

CEIHG Director Martin participated in various TV and radio
interviews, such as this one on TV Channel 37 in February...

... and this radio interview in July.


Facility Improvement

International GCF member Allen Smith helped GCF member Eddy design, fabricate and install ducting...

... for a ventilation system to make the CE salon less hot during afternoon classes.

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