"Comprender La Economía" #53, 2014


The CE #53 course enjoyed an enthusiastic partcipation of many CE volunteers, here preparing flyers and posters.



CEIHG Director Martin appeared on radio and TV programs,
such as this one, to promote the CE #53 course.


CE volunteers
Maria Elena and Mariela record statistics of CE #53 course applicants.



CE volunteers about to go out and do publicity fllyering for the CE #53 course:
Nubia, Victor, Maria Elena, César, Marlon, Nelson, Mariela, Ileana and Elyi.



CE volunteer
Mariela facilitates the reception of applications for the CE #53 course.



CE course #53 started with a full capacity enrollment of 75 students. About ten appicants had to be turned away.



CE class #53 reviews the class syllabus during the orientation of the first day of classes.



Serving CE class #53  students in the CEIHG café.



CE class #53: talking about paradigms.



CE #53 extra credit study group...



... and another CE #53 extra credit study group.



CE class #53 taking their final exam.


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The "landowner" in the CE #53 certificate event's "private property" skit shows her "title"
and says: "Pay me rent to get a seat and have access to the refreshments."



With the problem of the privatization of the chairs resolved with a "Seat Value Tax",
Professor Martin facilitates the CE #53 certification program.



34 students of the CE #53 course earned certificates.



CE #53 superior-level graduate Nidia is an agricultural engineer
from the Atlantic Coast region of Nicaragua.



CE #53 graduate Edwin receives his superior-level certificate.



CE #53 superior-level graduate Izamar is an accountant.



CE #53 superior-level graduate Kenia.



CE #53 superior graduates Luis and Cristhian both received the prize of a copy of
Henry George's book
Protection or Free Trade for having the highest grade in the class.



With a little help from one of our smaller visitors...



... intermediate?-level course finisher name received a raffle prize
 of the book
From Wasteland to Promised Land.



Some of the CE #53 course volunteers:
Elyi, Nelson, Victor, Mariela, Director Martin
Fé, Nubia, Maria Elena, Ileana


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