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These websites provide information about Henry George and his works; the georgist socio-economic analysis and tax shift proposal, in theory and application; activities of the Georgist Economic Reform Movement worldwide.

If you would like to have your georgist organization included in this list, or send us an updated link, please e-mail CEIHG at ceihgceihg.org with your homepage URL.

Arden Georgist Gild, Arden DE, USA  ardenclub.org/gilds/georgist-gild

Association for Georgist Studies, New York NY, USA  www.georgiststudies.org

Center for the Study of Economics, Philadelphia PA, USA  www.urbantools.org

Common Ground - USA  commonground-usa.net

Common Ground - New York City, USA  www.commongroundnyc.org

Common Ground - Oregon/Washington, USA  www.commongroundorwa.org

Council of Georgist Organizations, USA  www.cgocouncil.org

Danmarks Retsforbund, Copenhagen, Denmark  www.retsforbundet.dk (in Danish)

Den Danske Henry Georgeforening  www.henrygeorge.dk (in Danish)

Dove Scotland, Scotland, UK  www.dovescotland.org

Earth Rights Institute, Santa Monica CA, USA  www.earthrightsinstitute.org

Earthsharing Australia, Melbourne, Australia  www.earthsharing.org.au

Earthsharing Canada  www.earthsharing.ca

Ethical Economics, London UK  www.ethicaleconomics.org.uk

Fairhope Single Tax Corporation, Fairhope AL, USA  www.fairhopesingletax.com

Grundskyld - Henry George, Denmark  www.grundskyld.dk (in Danish)

Henry George Foundation of Great Britain, London, UK  www.henrygeorgefoundation.org Classroom and online P&P courses . . . and magazine  Land and Liberty www.landandliberty.net

Henry George Institute, New York NY, USA  www.henrygeorge.org Online P&P course

Henry George School of Social Science, New York NY, USA  hgsss.org Classroom P&P course

Henry George School of Social Science, Chicago IL, USA  www.hgchicago.org Classroom P&P course

International Union for Land Value Taxation, London, UK  www.theiu.org

Labour Land Campaign, London, UK  www.labourland.org

Land Value Taxation Campaign, UK  www.landvaluetax.org

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Cambridge MA, USA  www.lincolninst.edu

Professor Mason Gaffney, USA  www.masongaffney.org

Progress.org, USA  www.progress.org  Current news and articles from a georist perspective

Prosper Australia, Melbourne, Australia  www.prosper.org.au

Resource Rentals for Revenue, New Zealand  resourcerentalsrevenue.org

Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, New York NY, USA  www.schalkenbach.org

School Of Economic Science, London UK  www.schooleconomicscience.org

Work and Wealth  www.workandwealth.com


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