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I, _______________________________________________________ , resident of the city of _____________________________ , in the country of _____________________________ ,  affirm that I consider myself a "georgist" in as much as I have read the book Progress and Poverty by Henry George and understand Henry George’s theory of the cause of poverty in the midst of progress, which is the unequal distribution of wealth caused by the unequal ownership of land, result of the institution of the private property of land; I affirm that I believe in the justice and the effectiveness of the solution proposed by George to remedy poverty – to make land, natural resources, and all other types of natural monopolies common property of the whole society by means of the public collection of their non-speculative values, and to untax all forms of labor, commerce and productive capital (as defined in P&P) ​​– and I positively support it.

So, to advance the growth of global consciousness of the georgist solution to the socio-politico-economic injustice and poverty that plagues the world, I declare my membership in the Georgist Community Fund association (GCF), to which I add my presence as an affirmative vote for "georgism" before all the world.

I understand that as a GCF Member: 1) My annual GFC membership only depends upon my demonstrating a minimum qualification of 70% each year on the GCF's Progress and Poverty basic comprehension exam; 2) I have the option to participate in the annual distribution of the GCF “Community Land Rent Fund” (CLRF) as an “active” member according to the proportion of quarterly periods in which I e-mail a notification to the GCF of my participation in at least two “pro-georgist” activities (which includes attending at least one general meeting of the GCF, physical or online, if available); 3) I may voluntarily contribute, but am not obligated to contribute, part of my “net surplus land rent” to the GCF “Community Land Rent Fund”; 4) As an “active” member, I will be eligible to receive an equal share of that part of the “Community Land Rent Fund” designated for annual distribution among the entire “active” membership, in proportion to the quarterly periods for which I may be “active” during the calendar year of the distribution; 5) The GCF may adjust the terms and conditions of membership and “CLRF” participation at any time; 6) I may cancel my membership immediately and at any time by sending an e-mail declaration to the GCF.

Affirmed by the honor of my signature here affixed: ____________________________  on this date ____________________________ , 2015.


Received for GCF by ___________________________  on date: __________________ , 2015.

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