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For experienced international georgists and graduates of P&P courses.
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The following questions are for you to indicate your familiarity and understanding of the socio-economic analysis and reform proposal put forth in the book Progress and Poverty written by Henry George. Please fill in each blank with at least an "NA" if you think a question doesn't apply to you. Your answers don't all have to be affirmative to qualify you to take the GCF member exam. We just need the basic info, but you can answer with as much detail as you deem necessary.

*1. When was the last time you read the complete text of P&P?            

*2. When was the last time you referred to the text of P&P for work or study?            

*3. When was the last time you taught a class using P&P as the main text? (where, when)            

*4. When was the last time you took a formal class based on P&P text? (where, when)            

*5. Do you consider yourself capable of accurately explaining the basic argument and reform proposal of P&P to other people?              

*6. What activities do you lead or participate in which indicate your understanding of the P&P paradigm and proposal of political economy?
(where, when, how long)  

7. What else might you tell us to facilitate this evaluation?

Please note any comments or suggestions for this phase of the qualifying process here:


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